Stuck for ideas on your travels? Try the new Highland Park Carry On Cocktail Kit!

There are very few things that can possibly be better than a nice relaxing flight to a sunny or snowy destination, accompanied by a soothing drink to help the time tick away and make said destination arrive a tad quicker… Most airlines will offer free tipples on many long distance journeys, so that one may make a whiskey and coke, or gin and tonic to help the hours slip away until arrival. This for many, is a saving grace, as the tiny sip helps strip away the inevitable stress from what seems like endless hours at the airport checking in and generally faffing, and setting the holiday mood firmly in place.

Stuck for ideas on your travels? Try the new Highland Park Carry On Cocktail Kit!

The folks over at Highland Park are well aware of this and have come up their own offering to the gods of long (or short) haul travel: The Carry On Cocktail Kit.

Presented in a sleek, branded black bag, the kit contains a nosing glass, a tumbler, two double measure sample bottles of Highland Park Dark Origins (one for tasting, one for mixing), a sample bottle of the Highland Park 18 year old, as well as single use amounts of cane sugar and bitters for the cocktail, a spoon for mixing and a rather splendid linen coaster.

Here at Lussorian we gave our best shot at making an ‘old fashioned’, using the spoon to muddle the sugar and bitters with the whisky. This proved to be a success (despite sugar taking far longer to dissolve than we thought it would), with the resulting cocktail tasting delicious and looking perfect in the beautifully shaped glass. Our only disappointment arose from the time in which it took us to make the cocktail, well over five minutes. It is possible to make it faster however, with expert bartenders Stu McCluskey and Ryan Chetiyawardana using the kits on the world’s shortest flight, from Westray to Papa Westray in Scotland:

Given the evidence, it would seem that Highland Park’s Carry On Cocktail Kit is the perfect gift to give to someone about to travel, or the perfect gift to yourself in order to start the perfect holiday.

The Carry On Cocktail Kit retails at £15 and can be found HERE

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