Sports car experience

Often dream of owning your very own high performance sports car?  Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari- what tickles your fancy? While the small minority of people who do actually fulfil their dreams of owning there very own dream car, for the rest of us a sports car experience is the closest we’ll get! But never the less it’ll certainly be a day you’ll never forget!

Sports Car Experience

While a great selection of super cars were available, my choice no matter how far and wide the selection was, was always going to be an Audi R8, to say this was my dream car would be an understatement. From start to finish the whole experience was amazing! Turning up to a racetrack surrounded by high performance super charged cars had my adrenaline racing all day! Having such an amazing instructor only added to the whole experience. Great track, fast car, fantastic day out!

For all you thrill seekers out there- this is defiantly not one to miss! 

For £75 you can tick one of those all important bucket list ideas by booking a driving experience with Who not only offer great savings all year round but they also offer double and triple supercar driving thrills- meaning you not only get to drive not one, not two but three of the fastest cars on the planet all in one day and if that doesn’t impress you enough, perhaps a 4×4 off road adventure, or a trains and monster truck race is the one for you!

The variety of driving experiences is impressive and would certainly make an ideal gift for any thrill seeker. Although I did come across one claws in this, which should be kept in mind, which was all drivers are required to sign a disclaimer form accepting liability should damage be caused to the vehicle through their negligence! Now that would make any thrill seeker quiver!!

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