New London Hair Spa – Rossano

At $1,000 a haircut, Rossano Ferretti could be the world’s most expensive hairdresser….

The wonderful world of Rossano is a rarefied experience. The new London hair spa offers an experience, which is truly quality controlled. High quality. The chosen site in Mayfair has a strong connection to Fabergé.

History also connects it to William Morris and the chandeliers which hang there are Murano. The present day hair craft ethos is Rossano.

Speaking to the master cutter he explains that his driving passion is crafting the perfect cut. The look is a flattering tumble of hair and does not go towards rigid geometrical statements or wild gestures of hair stars. This is not to say that there is not a very rigorous Rossano method. This natural technique is taught in a school found on the top floor of this townhouse establishment.

It turns out hairdressers who staff a worldwide network of salons, which offer a carefully calibrated yet carefree cut, at hair spas from Miami to Mumbai.


The unique quality of the House of Rossano is that when you walk though the door on whichever continent you will be assured of the same level of service and the unique house style. Aside from the all-important issue of styled hair, the hair spa offers a full range of grooming from x to y

The ambience in this new London hair spa is calm by design. There is no stylish sound track or splashy imagery and on the Walls the colours are sober and relaxing – biscuit cream.

But a true signature permeates this mini palace of pampering and those are the Italian roots of the creator Rossano. If there are not showy snaps of starry hairdos on the walls there are carefully chosen items, which reference this man from Parma. For example a black and white patterned sofa. All salons have hand picked artefacts echoing his heritage. One of the most eccentric and wonderful is a 1930’s perm machine, which would not look out of place in an HG Wells sci- fi film.

While fashion tear sheet glamour is absent, there is a place for some stylish and sweet black and white shots of barber grandfather.

This is a family business in which grew from a family tradition and continues to involve sisters and brother and mothers and fathers and the next generation.


As you would expect from a network of salons, which offers a continuity of high class cuts from which ever street corner, you step into this establishment which is infused on a global level by the most charming of coiffeurs.

In keeping with the control on quality the salon uses the best products notably L’Oréal Kérastase and Shu Uemura. A marriage of technique and top end products which ensure an end result of unimpeachable standard.

The Rossano standard.

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