Dalmore 1263 Custodian – Exclusive Bespoke Whisky

Whisky fans everywhere, sit up – this is good!

High end Luxury Whisky brand, Dalmore, are offering the chance to create your own bespoke whiskey.


1263 Custodians Cask

Using a spirit set to cask at the start of the Millennium, with a choice of their whisky bottled in 2012, 2015 or 2018.

Only the first 1263 people that sign up to the brand`s new website will be offered the chance to purchase a `Custodian` special edition whisky from the award winning distiller.

The choice continues, with two different wood finesses especially chosen by the world renowned master distiller Richard Paterson.

`The finesse is the really important thing,` he claimed. `The wood and the age determine the final flavour and it`s that personal choice that will make it distinct form anything else on the market.`

When you consider that Dalmore whisky has sold for £100,000, paying between £50 and £150 a bottle (depending on the age and finesse chosen) seems to be taking advantage!

In addition to getting a bespoke bottle of Dalmore whisky numbered and signed by Richard Paterson, the 1263 buyers will have their names etched on the walls of the distillery when the new £1 million visitor centre opens next year.

Shockingly good value, a unique bottle of luxury whisky and the chance to be part of whisky history.

With only 1263 spaces available, you had better be quick!

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