Small Batch Tiempo Tequila launches with luxury new spirit

Premium Tequila has made one giant publicity leap over the past few years, proving that this is not just a weekend shooter. We’ve had the opportunity to try numerous brands, and get to know a little more about this delightful, and often misunderstood South American spirit.

Tiempo Tequila is definitely one of those worthy of a mention and share. Hailing from Jalisco, Mexico, there are only 1,320 limited edition bottles available, Tiempo, meaning ‘Time’ in Spanish, has been developed using traditional tequila making methods, adding a layer of true authenticity to this brand.

What’s more, Tiempo is made from 100% mature blue weber agave, and is completely additive and chemical free. Tiempo is slow-cooked for 48 hours before being carefully fermented using natural yeast for a further 60 hours. It is then twice distilled before spending up to one year ageing in American oak whiskey casks.

Tasting Notes

  • Aroma: Fresh earthy agave, with barrel notes of whisky, aged oak, and butter.
  • Taste: Light and easy on the palate, fresh earthy-sweet agave with vegetal and pepper. Finished with hints of butter and charred oak.

Tiempo gains its unique persona through filtration, offering a smooth, pure and complex palate that balances subtle undertones of butter and caramel with notes of beautiful earthy agave.

The end result is an outstanding light and pure tequila that is perfect for anyone to sip, mix and shake on any occasion. Available to purchase on Amazon, House of Malt, Master of Malt and for £54.99 (70cl, 40% ABV).

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