Top fine wines for investment – by Vanquish Wine

Jimmy Metta gave up a career in banking to sell fine wine, champagne and spirits through his company Vanquish Wine. Vanquish supply fine wine to private clients and champagne and spirits to top London nightclubs favoured by the super-rich.


Jimmy works with private clients and investors all across the world, many are considered to be amongst the wealthiest people in the world, mostly based in Asia, Russia, US and the UK. These clients are looking to invest in blue-chip wines and Jimmy sources the most sought after bottles for each individual`s investment. Vanquish Wine provide a bespoke service for all their private clients (they work globally and even deliver to a client`s yacht or private jet when requested!)

The company only trade with first growths from the Bordeaux region; in fact 90% of wine investment is from this area. These are the best and naturally the most expensive wines which will appreciate over time and on average you`re looking at a 10-15% appreciation every year.

Jimmy says:

`Chateau Petrus is a one of the best first growths – some even say it is the best wine on the planet. If you`re looking to invest in this wine the best years are `89, `90,00 and 05. The vintages are in limited supply and will cost anything starting from £30,000 for a case. Other great investments are `82 Chateau Petrus and `61 Lafleur. Our clients know what they want and they want it fast in perfect condition.`

Jimmy Metta`s Top 5 Wines for Investment

1) Chateau Petrus
2) Chateau Margaux
3) Chateau Latour
4) Chateau Mouton Rothschild
5) Chateau Lafite

There are only 15-20,000 cases made every year and probably much less on some wines hence the steady growth and demand for the product. Vanquish Wine source these bottles in their original wooden case (OWC) and carry out rigorous checks to investigate the provenance of the product (its history and where it has been stored etc). Ideally it will have been kept in Europe and travelled minimally – from France to Italy and back to the UK. Vanquish arrange for all suppliers to come to the office with the product so they can be checked before being sent onto the client.

So why invest in wine?

With the current economic situation the wealthy are looking for alternative areas for investment and the wine market is now looking very attractive. The market is not as volatile as the stock market and has shown no signs of instability with solid growth on a yearly basis and wealthy clients want an investment that is physical and not just a piece of paper. On top of this there is no capital gains tax on wine as the life expectancy is just 50 years and is considered to be a wasting asset.

`Whether you are investing in wine, art or jewellery, the mega rich want to buy what`s rare as its holds much more value and if they can get it with minimal hassle in an efficient manner it makes the deal even more attractive for them.`

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