SLOJO Luxury Candles Are A Must-Have For Christmas 2020

Winter is setting in and the festive sound of sleigh bells is not too far away! SLOJO have created a duo of luxury products designed promote relaxation and tranquillity. Perfect for escaping day-to-day stresses, which are especially profound in 2020!

The duo is comprised of two high-end products; firstly, the SLOJO candle and, secondly, the Slow Ageing Skin Essential Bath Essence. Utilising the best ingredients and oodles of craftsmanship, these products are idea for popping under the Christmas tree this year.

This luxurious candle is made with an 100% essential oil fragrance in a plant-based sustainable wax of soy and rapeseed oil – so ‘no nasties’. Crafted in the UK exclusively for JOGB, these candles burn for up to 50 hours and is designed to help relax and calm your heart and home. Totally designed to de-stress your mind and body in one, patchouli, lavender, geranium, cedarwood and labdanum make this aroma wrap you up like a big hug. We have to say, the candle is an absolute knockout and a superb example of how far high-end home therapies have come.

The Slow Ageing Skin Essential Bath Essence aims to emulate the effects of the candle, making a soothing, restorative and other-worldly bathing experience. Full of distressing oils and oils that rejuvenate the skin, the essence and oils allow for true escapism this Winter.

Slow Ageing Essentials - Reduce the effects of time on your skin – Slow Ageing Essentials

The two together are the perfect relaxation combination. The set of both products are available from for £95.

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