Most expensive champagne in the world

I have to say that even though this product lays claim to being the most expensive champagne in the world, I am not enamoured by the bottles styling. Fluffy dice spring to mind!


Nonetheless, at a retail price of $2.75 million Leon Verres champagne interpretation is being billed as the `Le Billionaire Champagne`. The Salmanazar-bottle contains 9 litres of select bubbly. The fluffy bottle cover incorporates several hundred diamonds and is based on a Russian fur cap called a “Shapka” so nothing like fluffy dice at all then!

Leon Verres is only releasing five of these bottles to market, five of which have been reserved by mystery buyers. One final bottle is still available, so if you have some pocket change lying around take a closer look at the “Le Billionaire Champagne”.

Leon Verres say:

“Leon Verres Champagne is exclusively served in the most announced bars, clubs and restaurants of our period. All over the place where the exalted luxury-lifestyle is celebrated, also `Le Billionaire Champagne` of Leon Verres is at home.

We will show the world that David can also beat Goliath in the luxury goods world. And everybody will see that a designer does not have to sell his soul to the luxury goods devil to be successful all over the world. The devil might wear Prada, but certainly not Leon Verres!`

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