Salto – A Taste Of Luxury Brazil

When you think of Brazil, you may conjure up images of Christ The Redeemer Statue towering over Rio De Janeiro, Rainforests, the contrast of city slums and golden beaches, Strong dark coffee and a team of footballers that constantly deliver their unique style of play that translates into powerful and pure poetry.

You would also think of big beaming smiles and Carnival. No one can party like the Brazilians.

Us Brits like to have a good time too, and that`s why this South American exports do so well over here.

Caiprinhas to capoeria to (a most excellent) Brazilian lager, Brahma (trust me, I`m an expert in this particular field), We embrace Brazils party spirit with open arms.

Good call, Paul. Let`s talk Brazil`s party spirit. Let`s talk about the best Brazilian Rum that has just arrived on our shores.


Salto is a cachaǟ¶õas (the rum like spirit served in cocktails). Absolutely perfect on it`s own with a little sliver of lime, or if you prefer, with a dash of lemonade. A Brazilian alternative to our very own Pimms. This is a taste of luxury Brazil.

Salto, named after its town in a cachaǟ¶õas producing region, is hugely popular Brazilians. This premium spirit is consumed in huge quantities in Brazil – 1.5 billion litres. Brazil imports just got a new special friend.

Now you can enjoy Salto in the UK. There is no better place than at the recently refurbed and seriously swanky Hush in Mayfair.

The talented bar staff have created 6 unique cocktails using Salto as the main ingedient. For instance, you could sample the Salto Emotion with ingredients including Goji Liqueur, Cassis, Vanilla Syrup, Apple Juice and Fresh Blueberries!

Goji? Blueberries? Now we`re talking! This cocktail is even good for you!

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