Re-live the 80`s with this full size stand-up arcade cabinet with 140 games to play

The 80`s are back, it`s no secret. Get back to the good old days with this super slick, cool design full size stand-up arcade cabinet. It will set you back £3000 from Hamley`s but think of the money you will save on going out!


It comes with 140 games but you have the option to buy more if you get bored.

The Apex is the only PC based stand-up cabinet available in the UK and has a large 19 Hi-Definition TFT screen giving amazing quality and overall, the pinnacle in home arcade machines.

The large control panel features full 2 player capabilities, letting you share the fun with friends in multi-player games. This is totally user friendly with a built in MP3 player for added entertainment.

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