Embrace Autumn With WoodWick Home Fragrances

WoodWick combine style, carefully selected ingredients and patented crackling wick technology for the ultimate multi-sensory candle out there. This Autumn, you can unlock hours of home filling fragrance and a relaxing  ambiance with WoodWick. Here are some suggestions from their latest range.

Cashmere Large Hourglass Candle with Pluswick® (£30.99)

A stunningly warm fragrance, Cashmere combines sandalwood, cedar wood, ginger, orris, pink pepper and more entrancing elements for that ideal Autumn scents. 

The large hourglass WoodWick candle gives you hour upon hour of fragrance plus a signature WoodWick trick. Did you know WoodWick crackles as it burns? The large hour glass candle has that trademark WoodWick sound of crackling, this provides some soothing audio, evoking winter fires and a feeling of warmth. This is all thanks to PLUSWICK® Innovation technology, giving you the multi sensory experience of superb scents combined with relaxing crackling.

WoodWick candles are also renowned for their stunning aesthetics. The large hour glass candle, complete with wooden lid, features a flared design creates a wider opening for a fully melted wax pool that produces a more consistent fragrance experience. 

WoodWick Fireside Ellipse Candle (£32.99)

A shining example of WoodWick’s style and fragrance is the ellipse candle range.  Elegant curves and a custom wooden lid create a candle with, excuse the pun, oodles of flare and panache.

Within, as with the hour glass shaped candle, you’ll be able to enjoy WoodWick’s crackling wick. The Fireside fragrance fills the home with stunning smoked mahogany, musk, bergamot and a range of other gorgeous ingredients. The result is a memorable fragrance that transports you to crisp Autumn evenings, cosy blankets and a true sense of season.

Try the WoodWick range here.

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