Motorized Inline Skate Gadget

Do you crave a little danger?

If so then you need to get yourself some motorized Inline Skates by Motosk8. YES, they`ve been outlawed here in the UK, but that makes them even more desirable as this year`s `must have Christmas gadget`.


On the standard version of the skates one of the boots has attached to it a 22.5cc two stroke engine which will achieve 25mph (that`s fast when you can`t stop). And if that isn`t enough for you then you can always opt for the high-performance version capable of a pant-smearing 35mph.

But beware, UK police forces have said they will confiscate the skates if they see them being used in public due to the fact that the petrol tank could rupture and send the rider up in flames along with other pedestrians.

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