Pearly King Or Ultimate Bling?

The Worlds Most Expensive Suit is going to polarise opinions, You will love or loathe it.


Bling Meister Stuart Hughes has joined forces with expert tailor Richard Jewels (perfectly apt surname) to produce a very serious statement suit. Made from the finest cashmere wool and silk, the suit has been cut to perfection. The detailing and fine workmanship of Richard Jewels shines through…..along with the 480 diamonds.

The diamonds have the quality as well as quantity. Each single cut gem is 0.5cts, colour G, VS2 quality, all of which total a massive 240cts. The positioning on the suit is excellent, although slightly reminiscent of the “pearly king” style – sorry, Stuart Hughes / Richard Jewels. Clearly, though, this suit is in a different league – sorry, Pearly Kings!

Richard Jewels says of his joint project – ” I hope to establish a luxury brand that will not only capture the eyes but the hearts of the consumers. The R.Jewels brand for men and women will offer unrivalled customer service and we will be offering our clients all expenses paid trips to luxury destinations such as the Arc en Ciel in St Lucia as part of the packages. The emphasis on our products is to solidify one’s individuality.”

This suit is more or less unique. Only 3 of it’s kind will be made each costing £599,000. Each suit needed 600 man hours to create. (10% of all sales will be going to the Haiti Relief Fund.)

I personally love the suit. I think the over the top display of wealth is nothing to be ashamed of. The cut is as you would expect and the cashmere sensationally soft. Having 480 diamonds running through it is a lot of fun and a massive statement – “look at me, I’m minted!”

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