Paul Edmonds hairdresser/Brahm Interiors New VIP Beauty Rooms

I was told as a young boy, possibly more times than I cared for, that `if you are going to do a job, make sure you do it properly`.

This mantra has stayed with me, and I would like to think that I apply it to most things in life.

From past projects to their latest design, It seems that Brahm Interiors follow the same code – do it properly. Brahm Interiors design the finest residential homes and development properties in the most desirable locations creating bespoke luxurious spaces.

The designers have a range of experience that span all over the world from apartments and houses to hotels and beach retreats. All of their designs are highly creative interior ideas, constantly pushing the boundaries of interior design to the next level creating stunning space.


It is fitting then that these design room professionals have linked up with Paul Edmonds. 25 years based in Knightsbridge, Paul Edmonds provides London`s most exciting and innovative hair and beauty treatments. Together, “The Rooms” have been created.

Paul Edmonds hairdresser to the stars, attracts the likes of Emma Thompson, Julie Walters and Delia Smith. Now, his luxurious Knightsbridge salon unveils `The Rooms`, two beautiful and exclusive pampering spaces, allowing clients to experience the team’s expertise away from the buzz of the salon.


Side by side, the two Rooms are dedicated to different needs; the first focuses on all your hair demands from flawless colour and stylish haircuts to nourishing treatments. The second, on a wide range of beauty treatments from indulgent facials, semi permanent makeup and fashion-forward manicures.

London`s leading design company Brahm are renowned for their cutting edge creativity on projects. `The Rooms` are no exception. They have created a truly relaxing and welcoming ambience.

With Paul Edmonds involved, this has to be the most exciting, exclusive hair and beauty location in London.

So if you are looking for a haircut, make sure you do it properly.

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