Pathos Endorphin Luxury CD Player

I’m not sure the Italians are well known for their high end sound systems but this might become so after the release of the Pathos Endorphin which is aesthetically stunning and offers almost unrivalled sound quality.


The key to this products exceptional acoustics are the cutting edge circuitry which extracts the very best sound possible from any CD – assuming your amplifier and speakers are up to the task.

Pathos say:

“If you look in the dictionary you’ll find the word ‘Endorphin’ stands for a neurochemical occurring naturally in the human brain, promoting the release of more dopamine and resulting in feelings of enjoyment and pleasure. So, with your favourite Cds in hand, you should be in for a sonic as well as an aesthetic treat! The tech specs are top notch: Endorphin uses a dual, fully balanced tube, class A zero feedback analogue output, that is preceded by dual differential 24-bit delta-sigma DACs with a conversion rate of up to 192Kz. Dynamic range is 120Db. Output connectors give you a choice of balanced XLRs or RCA phonos. Potentially, this is a landmark player!”

This product retails for a cool £4,500 ($7,200).

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