Orbitsound Launches Sleek ONE P70W Soundbar

The Orbitsound ONE P70W claims to be a “ONE box audio solution”, does it pull it off? Well, let’s just say, the combination of Orbitsound’s unique AirSOUND technology, integrated subwoofer, a raft of connectivity options (including Wi-FI) and a sleek style make this speaker one to be reckoned with. Although, can it take on other reasonably priced sound bars in this severely competitive part of the market?

Firstly, what is AirSOUND?

AirSOUND is the brand’s very own immersive audio technology which aims to create a “true stereo sound-field from a single speaker.” Essentially, the system utilises a range of 4 internally hidden Orbitsound MK4 drivers to ensure that a mesh of sound is generated and all corners of the room are filled. Front drivers produce sound for both ears and side drivers change the sound to create the impression of a true stereo feel. The brand claims that you can listen in each part of the room with complete stereo audio. Does this work? Well, we believe so yes! Room filling audio is always a pleasure to behold and the ONE P70W works wonders here. In fact, the system also generates great volume and fills medium sized rooms with ease.

Sound on a whole is strong, with powerful bass (especially considering there is no external subwoofer) and this is maximised by the internal reflex enclosure, which aims to deliver the fullest base possible. For the price, the power is superb and powerful.

One criticism would be a slight lack of clarity, this is a shame when you compare this to the bass performance and overall sleek design. There is just a slight lack of finesse in the sound on certain tracks, although we are being super picky. As, throughout testing, the speaker performed well on most music genres.

Combining AirSOUND and integrated Wi-Fi connectivity

One of the major additions to this range of integrated Wi-Fi capability, with the capacity for future Orbitsound product connectivity. Essentially, all future devices will work with the ONE P70W unit going forward, thereby ensuring that this initial investment will not be defunct as time goes on. With the simple download of the speaker’s app, you can enjoy playback from some of your favourite streaming service, such as Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Apple Music and more. In terms of overall connectivity, the ONE P70W has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Optical and AUX.

It should be said that through the app, Wi-Fi streaming is fairly painless and works effectively.  However, for all the positives that have been said about connectivity, without HDMI ARC functionality, Orbitsound seem to be missing a bit of a trick here and we were left a little confused as to why this had been omitted from the design.

Versatile and stylish performer

Aesthetically, the ONE P70W speaker is elegant and refined. Created from a combination of top quality engineered steel and wood, it’s great to see this level of British craftsmanship at work. The speak is available in three colour options; matte black, bone white and bamboo.

The look lends itself to any setting and set up. This is accentuated by the versatility of the installation possibilities and expansive wall mounting potential, thanks to a changeable design. A sophisticated design that can be wall or surface mounted, or placed on a shelf without compromising the sound quality. Versatility of installation options makes this suitable for the home, office or business.

What’s in the box? 

  • ONE P70W
  • Power supply and regional power cord
  • AUX cable
  • Remote control with CR2032 battery
  • Digital optical cable
  • Wall mounting kit
  • VESA hex head bolts
  • Reversible Orbitsound badge
  • Storage / protective sleeve
  • Quickstart guide
  • Safety and warranty guide

Find out more about the Orbitsound ONE P70W here.

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