Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H2s Reviewed

Bang & Olufsen are one of the world’s leading masters in sound and audio. Recently, we were lucky enough to get our hands on a pair of BeoPlay H2’s from the famous Danish brand. Find out how we got on!

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These super chic offerings from B & O are a hit on the eyes and ears. The H2’s live up to the legacy of this Danish audio giant and we are ecstatic with the graceful results.

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The fit and chic look

The genuine lambskin ear cushions and adaptive headband make for a deliciously comfortable fit. We do often worry that an erring towards style may result in a reduction in comfort. However, on this occasion, the H2’s sit perfectly and are a joy to wear for long periods. The build quality, as you would expect from B & O, is also of super high quality, lightweight (only 155g) and has a durable feel. We get the pleasant feeling that these are built to last – which is quite reassuring with their £169 price tag.

The sound

Aside from the excellent stylisation and build quality, it is the sound which should be the critical factor in a pair of high end headphones. We are happy to report that the signature B & O here. The sounds are sharp, crisp and exactly what we have become used to with the brand. It can easily be said that you get what you pay for in audio equipment; if you want to pay peanuts, then you will get a poor show. At £169 the H2s aren’t cheap and their dynamic levels of audio performance are a hit with us. The addition of an in-line remote and microphone also makes them practical too.

A reservation we sometimes have on over-ear earphones is their seeming inability to cut out background noise and retain leaked noise. The H2s excel in this area too and provide enough of a buffer between the listener and the outside world. Plus, much of the noise is successfully pumped in the correct direction (i.e. towards the ears), so there is a minimal/ negligible amount of leaking.

All in all, these headphones are a tremendously sexy and impressive performing set. A real steal for the price in our opinion. Available from


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