Dùsal luxury bedding review

One in three of us don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis (i.e. 7 or more hours per day). And as we all know, a lack of sleep leads to unproductivity, moodiness and in extreme cases, an increase in risk from a whole host of chronic conditions. This is a huge problem and it’s getting worse.

In fact, you may have noticed an increase in governmental awareness drives to educate us on the importance of sleep. Whilst there are lots of simple, positive habits we can all start adopting that will help us sleep better, making your bed a dreamy haven you can’t wait to climb into every night has to be up there with the best ideas!

Enter Dùsal, one of the UK’s premier luxury bedding companies based in Scotland. If anyone knows bedding it’s these guys. They’re a family run business and been creating the finest bedding for over 30 years for the likes of high-end hotels such as Gleneagles.

If you’ve stayed at a few luxury hotels in your time, you’d be well versed at gauging how good the hotel is by how comfortable the bed is – certainly for us, it’s in the top 3 of the most important aspects. It doesn’t get better than a quality mattress, with a thick topper, covered in a Hungarian goose duvet for us. Dùsal are clear masters of their craft, producing a range of uber luxury duvets, pillows, mattress toppers and protectors in a range of premium materials.

All of Dùsal’s products are hand filled and double stitched to an incredibly high standard. As the customer, you have a range of filler and size options all at different pricing levels. Dùsal were kind enough to recently supply us with a sample superking sized Duck Feather and Down Mattress Topper to review. The product arrived beautifully packaged and wrapped in quality, recyclable paper. We wasted no time in getting this on the mattress, which fitted beautifully and is held in place by 4 elasticated straps. The topper has a high fill 7cm depth and adds an entirely new dimension in comfort to the bed. What is most apparent is that it almost reshapes itself after a night’s sleep – a true sign of quality. The topper has a thread count of 233 and is made up of 70% European new white duck feather & 30% new white duck down ensuring it remains breathable.

So, how did we sleep?

Honestly, we’ve never had such a consistent run of sleep since we placed it on the bed. Essentially, we’ve brought possibly the most important element of a luxury hotel bed right into our own home to enjoy every night. It simply doesn’t get better than that. On these colder nights especially, the topper just makes everything so much cosier. The problem now is trying to get the kids creeping in every morning to enjoy it also!

Final word. We’re sticklers for supporting UK businesses, and Dùsal deserves a huge heap of credit for producing such fine quality. A lifetime of passion to be the very best has kept this business in good stead and will continue to do so. If you struggle to sleep, want more sleep or perhaps simply want to give your bed a new lease of life, then make Dùsal your first port of call.

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