Mitsubishi`s LaserVue laser powered television

The latest TV gadget has emerged in the form of Mitsubishi`s LaserVue – the first laser powered television in existence.


Mitsubishi claim that there is “no other TV on the planet that produces a more vibrant
Umm I’ll be interested to test that claim out….

Apparently the colour runs at half the operating power of plasma`s and LCDs of the same size, whilst recreating the theater

Some bold Laservue claims:

• Environmentally-Friendly — LaserVue is the most energy efficient large-format, high-definition television available on the market today

• Video Quality — Laser beams provide an extensive range of rich, complex colors, along with truly distinct clarity and immersive depth of

• Aesthetically Pleasing — At 10 inches thin, LaserVue TV has been designed for both floor stand and wall-mount applications and features a full stereo range of sound capabilities with integrated speakers

• Future Features — LaserVue is 3D-ready, offering the ultimate theater experience for movies mastered in 3D

No pricing info, but I would imagine that the Laservue will be fiendishly expensive!

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