Outcast Sound System

A handy piece of technology for those of you who love to throw outdoorsy parties should invest in the Outcast System from Soundcast. It`s a completely wireless outdoor entertainment unit which uses wireless technology to send iPod audio from a transmitting dock to a freestanding speaker.

With its weather-proof design, the Outcast System is perfect for use outdoors. It can also be used around the home and can be placed within a range of 100m to the iCast transmitter that accompanies it. You won`t even have to worry about how long the system will last as it can provide 10 hours of playback time once charged!


Rusty Bennett, vice president of Soundcast says –

`There have been hundreds of wireless products developed over the years claiming to deliver an impressive quality of sound – yet all of them have fallen short of that promise due to their innate susceptibility to interference, which can significantly degrade the audio quality to the point where the music is not audible. We`re thrilled to release Outcast which represents our unique ability to offer crystal-clear wireless transmission, incredible sound and the ease-of-use necessary to provide the ultimate listening experience. Further, these products offer a nice aesthetic option for individuals wishing to incorporate a sense of style into the living environment.`

A few other handy features to the Outcast System is that the iCast transmitter has an iPod dock, an auxiliary input for connection to other portable devices, controls to enable the iPod to be managed, mood lighting, an input jack for direct connection to an MP3 player, a 200mm downward-firing woofer and four frequency drivers in an omni-directional array. If all of that doesn`t get you gadget followers interested I don`t know what will!

A definite must-have piece of technology for those people who love to throw parties – extremely useful!

Priced at £499.99

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