What Present To Buy A Forex Billionaire!

If you’re on the exchanges gambling gazillions of dollars each day and you’ve got money to burn like a stereotype “forex billionaire” then what on earth would you want as a birthday or christmas present.

I really pity people trying to buy for those who have everything, unless of course you have everything as well in which case you might be able to register something meaningful in the present department. So I tried to imagine myself as a billionaire and came up with a top five list of things that might fit the bill if money was no object:

1. I have to admit and this is going to sound very politically correct – but I would love someone to donate a great wodge of money to charity on my behalf. My personal favourites are World Wildlife Fund and UNICEF – so if your reading this feel free to go and donate on my behalf!

2. Bugatti Veyron – the fastest production car in history might be an option. It is as elegant as it is beefy under the bonet. With a price tag of £1 million sterling it’s a definite billionaire’s boy’s toy. Just read Jeremey Clarkson’s review and you might get a taste of what a landmark this car really is – the like of which we are unlikely to see again. Quite simply a marvel of modern engineering.


3. A trip to space – this is obviously the angle that Richard Branson is aiming at with Virgin Galactic although I can’t help feeling that this won’t be the real deal in terms of actual space flight, afterall you’re only going to be in the vacuum of space for 5 minutes as far as I can gather and you’d be paying $170,000 for the privelage. Nah for a billionaire’s present you’d have to go the whole hog and hitch a lift with the Ruski’s in a Soyuz. I think the last guy that did that paid $18 million or so – but the experience of seeing the earth from above must have been worth every penny on it’s own.

4. A stay at the Burgh Al Arab in Dubai – having visited this place I can testify to the fact that this is one of the most beautifully designed structures in the world. Shaped like a sail it sits elegantly on the Dubai coast surveying the ocean before it. The building is simply stunning at sunset. The interior is far too gaudy for my tastes but the atrium is undeniably spectacular. With the only seven star rating in the world and a per night charge in the many thousands of dollars this place is definitely a gift to consider for a billionaire.


5. Celestron Sky Scout – this ones a little out of left field and it’s even within the price range of most mortals retailing at $399 at Amazon but quite frankly I rate this little gadget very highly. Essentially it’s like having your own personal planetarium – being able to locate and identify over 6,000 stars, planets, and constellations from a built-in database using advanced GPS technology. Even a billionaire might be impressed by that.


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