Most expensive Gym equipment – Vibrogym`s The Diamond VG Evolution

Bling at the gym? Look no further than the Vibrogym!


This stunning piece of exercise equipment is covered in more than 65,000 Swarovski Elements crystals. This is Vibrogym`s The Diamond VG Evolution.

It looks the part, sure, but does it do any good?

Research has shown that this is more than a flash, show off gym product. The Most expensive gym equipment I have seen really works! The vibrating plates give your muscles more of a workout, meaning you reach higher fitness levels faster and achieve the toning you may be after sooner.

Oh, I forgot…This special Vibrogym actually reduces cellulite! Now you can look as good as the machine you are exercising on!

This whole body vibration training also increases bone density, perfect for those with calcium deficiencies and so on.

Scientifically speaking, Whole body vibration improves sports performance, enhances fitness and wellness levels and can accelerate recovery from injury.

Physiotherapists are using the Vibrogym to help people recover from medical conditions. It can also help accelerate recovery from injury.

VibroGym is the first company to introduce a whole body vibration plate machine in the leisure industry. It is used by personal trainers in health clubs and gyms throughout the UK.

The machine is suitable for home use. Perfect for the girl who wants to shine while exercising. The price for The Diamond VG Evolution – £43,500. Available from:

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