Limited Edition Biscuiteers Advent Calendar by Susie Watson

Biscuiteers have collaborated with exclusive designer Susie Watson to create one of the most unique and exciting limited-edition advent calendars of the year! This stunning, hand-stitched calendar may cost £175 (including 24 beautiful biscuits), but the craftsmanship and beauty of this calendar makes it worth every penny.

Established in 2017 by Harrier Hastings, Biscuiteers was created in order to provide “a more unique, stylish and personalised gifting solution”. This calendar certainly fulfils that initial brand vision! Designed by Susie Watson exclusively for Biscuiteers, so this intricate and delicate design cannot be found anywhere else. For years to come you will be excited to hang this calendar in the build up to Christmas days in the future.

For the £175 price tag, the calendar set comes with 24 hand-iced, exquisite vanilla biscuits. Each one is hand crafted with a spectacular festive design and presented in a charming keepsake tin. From foxes to snowmen, there are plenty of unique characters here and every day is a new Christmas adventure. In terms of flavour, the twice baked biscuits combine the snap of gingerbread with the delectable crumble of a shortbread. Madagascan vanilla packs a delicious punch too.

Hurry, this limited-edition Calendar will sell out fast, so get yours from their website. The Biscuiteers and Susie Watson Limited Edition Advent Calendar with 24 hand-iced biscuits (£175) is available from

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