Melitta’s release Premium Pour Over Range

For over a century, Melitta has been recognised as a brand renowned for their premium coffee makers and products. In recent months, the brand has been focussed on developing and launching their new Pour Over Range, which incorporates the EPOS® and AMANO® products.

Starting with the EPOS®; this machine retails at £299 and is essentially the first-ever electric pour over system with an integrated grinder.

It features an open filter, for ideal blooming, so your coffee’s full-bodied aroma can develop in the best possible way. The touch control allows you to select preferences including number of cups, the strength of the coffee or the pre-brew function – essentially, you’re in control. The built-in hotplate allows the freshly brewed coffee to stay warm for up to 40 minutes. 

Picking up the Red Dot Award (2020) for design, The AMANO®, retailing at £199 on the other hand, is the younger sibling with sleek minimalist, aesthetic qualities, which will certainly have the neighbours seething with envy when they pop over for a cuppa. The mount of the filter ring (which appears to be floating on air on the elegantly curved metal side posts) harmonises beautifully with the form of the glass jug to provide a fluid appearance. Very elegant!

What’s more, the ever-so handy drip stop (which is inside the removable filter holder) means you can remove the jug without leaving a single mark as well as disposing of the filter paper without leaving drips behind.

Slow pouring provides a strong cup of coffee whereas faster pouring yields a milder cup – allowing you to be in control of your preferred pour when brewing by hand.

Where can you get your hands on one? Both are available via

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