A new luxury phone app for London – Lime&Tonic

You work hard, you want to play hard. Your free time should be spent doing the things you love. Imagine if you had someone whispering recommendations of the best luxury establishments in London to you. Imagine if these were personalised to your individual tastes and requirements.

Guess what? There`s an app for that!

A new digital concierge iPhone app called Lime&Tonic helps to fill people’s free time with memorable dining experiences & unique activities. Lime&Tonic cuts out the noise and recommends one-of-a-kind 5-star experiences that can be booked in seconds.

The app includes recommendations for 7 cities at the moment; London, Dubai, Prague, Rio, Sydney, Amsterdam & Melbourne, with 850 experiences available globally through 200 luxury establishments. Lime&Tonic plan to be in 10 cities by end of this year, and 20 by end of 2014


Targeting the affluent segment, Lime&Tonic works with premium merchants such as Michelin restaurants or those of international 5-star hotel brands. This approach ensures the highest quality experience possible, highlighted by an average customer rating of 92% from 71,000 customers delivered to date.

Once the app is downloaded, users are asked to fill in a personal profile where they can include any food requirements they may have and details about how they like their coffee made, their steak cooked and any favourite cocktails.

Lime&Tonic`s algorithm gets to work and tailors its recommendations accordingly, providing 1-2 recommendations per day of things to do helping to save users time. Lime&Tonic then uses the profile data to share with merchants to ensure the best possible experience.

“We`re very excited about launching our app in London and we really can`t wait for people to start enjoying some of the experiences we have on offer,` said CEO and co-founder, Stefan Cordiner. `The reason we believe Lime&Tonic is something totally new is the combination of our vetted and curated experiences combined with a data play on the personalisation side of things- with the goal to have you treated like a regular even if it`s your first visit there. From our work in six other cities across the globe, this is something our users love.`

`Our focus in purely on premium merchants that are able to offer quality experiences so we can ensure that if you`re going to spend you`re limited free time with us, it will be good,` continued Cordiner.

The Lime&Tonic app is available to download for free from the App Store. The Android app is due later this year.

For more information about Lime&Tonic, please visit limeandtonic.com.

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