Max Longin`s luxury Float Bed.

This is one of the nicest bed designs I think I`ve ever come across. Working on the basis that the central bed itself is actually suspended by wires creating a floating, rocking effect – you can truly float away in your dreams.


According to the website, the construction of the bed is based on the idea of the central point of rest to which everything leads in a pliable and soft way.


It comes in hardwoods such as Ash, Beech, Cherry, Elm, Maple, Oak or Walnut and is even delivered in a stylish box made out of the bed components itself. It takes approx 90 minutes to throw together and costs start at a very reasonable £2,900 GBP and go up to £3,300 GBP – this excluded the matress.

Want one? looky looky here then!

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