The Camden Eye – Review

As always when I visit the big smoke, there was a huge amount of rain and grey skies on my visit to the Camden Eye. But I have to see that upon tasting the food my day brightened up a little!


Having recently opened up a shiny new Pizza restaurant above the Camden Eye itself, the establishment really has tried to add another string to its bow and to build upon its already great food. Specialising in authentic pizza, they use a wood fired oven to give a fantastic taste and crispiness. Also, the pizzas here have a great story behind them; all the pizza making team have been trained by one of the best, Francesco Santocono, world pizza maker of 2008. In fact, Angelina also once claimed that a pizza made by Santocono, which is available at the Camden Eye, was one of the best she had ever tasted.

The pizza in question is named `How to impress Angelina Jolie` and is composed of gorgeous tomato, mozzarella, crushed black olives, goat`s cheese, walnuts and caramelised onions. Firstly, this pizza is absolutely stunning. The caramelised onions add a gorgeous flavour to the texture of the walnuts and this is all rounded off by creamy goat`s cheese. Perfectly seasoned, melts in the mouth and a delight to eat too – Angelina would be proud.


Pound for pound these pizzas are one of the best we have tasted and offer excellent value for money. This is a great venue to have an early afternoon or evening meal, or just to kick back and relax. In short, the Camden Eye has a really calm atmosphere, is in a great location and has super friendly staff. They don`t just do pizza though, there is an eclectic menu available and the food we saw looked brilliant too!

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