UK`s most expensive new build goes for £35m.

Israeli diamond billionaire, Lev Leviev (worth approx £4bn) has snapped up this seven-bedroom house in the exclusive north London district of Hampstead just this week. He`s already added the bulletproof door, what it must be like to be stinking rich! The main features of the property are a £750k stone staircase constructed using 150-year-old carving techniques and an indoor swimming pool with gold-plated mosaic tiles. The Palladian-style home also features a gym, sauna, ballroom and cinema, a private hair salon and a one-ton bathroom basin carved from a single piece of white Iranian onyx. Once installed in his new home, Mr Leviev will be protected not only by the bullet-proof front door but by 25 security cameras and a high-tech alarm system that can be controlled remotely from a yacht in the Caribbean if necessary. In his front garden is a topiary bush that cost £25,000 to shape, and should he get cold there is a £115,000 hand-carved stone fireplace in the living room. image The house is NOT the most expensive new build however, Updown Court in Windlesham, Surrey, England is still available to the highest bidder at around £70m. Source

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