£90 Million Belgravia House

We looked at the staggering £70 million ($140 million) Updown Court, but what about a £90 million ($180 million) home set in one of Britain’s elite locations – the famous Belgrave Square. image The staggering price tag is believed to make this home (arguably) the most expensive in Britain. Will the credit crunch bite into that value I wonder? This staggering property reaches up to six storeys and has taken two years to refurbish. Allegedly Irina Abramovich made an abortive £35 million ($70 million) offer for a nearby property which gives an indication of this locations pedigree. The property will include:
• Media room. • Basement swimming pool. • Gymnasium. • Plenty of garage space to accommodate four cars. • 12 bedrooms. • 12 bathrooms. • Salon. • Total space is in the region of 20,000 sq ft. This home is due to come to market in early 2008. If you would like assistance in acquiring this home, why not contact our specialist luxury home buying service here. (Via Mail)

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