The Stella Artois Commercial Airship

Londoner`s will be forgiven for thinking the city is under attack from Stella Artois alien beings this Summer when they look up and see a giant Stella Artois airship looming above them!


For 6 weeks this summer you can book yourself a ride on this incredible flying machine from £185 up to £360 (dependent upon your route) giving you a luxury birds eye view of the capital like we`ve never seen before!

This airship is the first-ever commercial Airship to offer flights over London for the first time since the aircraft was invented.

Flights will take off from Damyns Hall Airfield, near Upminster in North East London between the 10th July and 21st August 2008. With a maximum of twelve people per flight, the `Stella Artois: Star Over London` will follow three different flight routes, each taking in some of London`s famous and historical buildings, parks and landmarks.

Flights on the Stella Artois: Star Over London cost £185 for the shorter 30 minute route, £295 for the 45 minute route, while full hour flights cost £360.

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