Honky Tonk, Chelsea – Review

How about combining hearty, delicious New York food with the heart of London`s Chelsea? If that tickles your fancy, then Honky Tonk ticks most of the boxes. I will be honest – I love everything American; the music, the food, the atmosphere and the feel are all so vibrant. There is just a real buzz about the culture, which if translated well into the UK, can give you a really pleasurable taste of Americana from this side of the pond.


Honky Tonk is a really fun, energetic and exciting place to relax. On our visit it was initially a little quiet, but once it got going, there was great music pumping through the jukebox and a real buzz of chatter. This is the sort of place you need to come on a Friday with a group of friends and just have a good time. We tried the restaurant`s twist on a classic, the Honky Tonk Ice Tea (£8.50) on our visit and it was mixed beautifully – really hitting the spot and getting the night on the right track. Rather than hitting you with a coke topping, this take gives you a Brooklyn Lager finish – this gives the cocktail a bit more bite and character. There is an eclectic mix of cocktails, beers and wines to keep everyone happy too. In short, you will not find yourself getting thirsty!


The food here is really hearty, loving and packed full of big flavours. I would suggest you arrive hungry, as there is a lot of food to be had and we didn`t want to leave any of it. How about this to whet the appetite – oak smoked and slow roasted Pork or Beef ribs, brushed with homemade BBQ sauce and marinated in craft American beer. Served with apple slaw and a side of rosemary chips, £15.95. Succulent and packed full of flavour, these ribs really hit the spot. Gorgeous. You may also associate America with fried chicken, but what about `Not` Fried Chicken? This unique take on the American classic comprises of 4 pieces of crispy oven baked chicken covered with our secret coating. Honky Tonk claim it is `It`s delicious, nutritious & good for you!!` and we totally agree.

The starters and desserts follow the example set by the mains and really make for a truly pleasant, hands on and fun dining experience. We would recommend it to anyone.

For more information: http://www.honkytonkchelsea.com/chelsea/

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