The 200 year old bottle of Cháteau Yquem – £55,000

The most expensive bottle of wine ever sold was the 1787 vintage Sauternes from Cháteau Yquem that went for a record US$100,000. That`s £10,000 a glass! image The purchaser was a fine wine collector from the US. But at over 200 years old what will the wine taste like? “Cháteau Yquem is a sweet wine made in Bordeaux from completely shrivelled up, late harvested grapes. It has the concentration that enables it to mature for many years, even centuries. Apart from the taste, the enjoyment of wine as old as this is a remarkably nostalgic experience. In 1787 when peasants in Bordeaux were picking these grapes, George Washington became the first President of the United States, the French Revolution began, George III was King of England and James Watt was developing the steam engine!”

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