We Love NETGEAR’s Arlo Q Smart Home Security Camera

With home insurance premiums set to rise and homeowners looking for new ways to protect themselves, there is a huge demand for enhanced home security systems. After all, people pay such a premium to own their own homes these days, the instinct to make it as secure as possible is as strong as ever. Plus, thanks to ever evolving, innovative technology, there are always new ways to secure the home available.

Thankfully, NETGEAR have created a solution which not only promises to deliver a range of technological security solutions, but it also delivers. Introducing the Arlo Q, one of the latest addition to the NETGEAR Arlo smart home security camera. In a nut shell, you can expect crystal clear 1080p HD recordings, sharp night vision and a smartphone application which ticks all the boxes.

What does the Arlo Q do?

Arlo Q may look like a simple camera, but it is actually packed with a raft of features and functionality which make it rather impressive. An on-board 1080p HF camera, with 130 degree vision and with two way audio allows you to track motion and sound in your home, anywhere in the world. The clarity of both the sound and the image is astonishing, it really is. The Arlo Q also has great night vision functionality, allowing you to see in strong detail who or what is moving in your home.

Using the Arlo Q’s great smartphone app, you can remotely arm, disarm and set your camera to a schedule. This means that if you leave the house and return at a set time each day, the camera will not activate until you want it to. If motion is triggered, the application will notify you with a message. 

Here is the great bit, Arlo Q comes with 7 days FREE cloud recording, this means that if a motion or sound is triggered, the recording will be saved. This enables you to then download any interesting or useful videos for later use.

How easy is it to install?

Arlo Q has to be one of the easiest home cameras we have ever installed. Simply download the app, plug in the device and then show a QR code from your phone to the camera. The camera will then sync your device up to the app and away you go. Why can’t all wi-fi enabled technology work like this! 

Mounting is also easy, thanks to a neat stand or a magnetised base for mounting to metal. 

All round great performer!

For more information on Arlo Q, please visit here. 

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