Superb Spring Cleaning With The VAX Blade 32V Cordless Vacuum

Although this week’s snow may have suggested otherwise, it is Spring and that means you may be looking to get your house in order. One of the most crucial elements to any Spring clean is a reliable vacuum cleaner; however, the Vax Blade is more than just a reliable vacuum cleaner, it’s versatile, sleek and practical. The VAX 32V has been developed for the modern lifestyle, with cordless technology and a range of functions within one device. How does it perform? In short, it’s one to seriously consider and one to watch. Here are just a few reasons the VAX Blade 32V cleaned up in our testing…

High performance cleaning

As you can probably guess, this rendition of the VAX Blade utilises a 32V Lithium-ion battery which boasts a 45-minute run time from a full charge (which took us roughly 4 hours) and there is even a “boost” mode for those tougher cleaning jobs.

The Vax Blade combines a stylish design with innovative cleaning technology for superb results. The Blade 32V uses a floorhead with motorised brushbar to pick up dirt and the device then inhales the debris. The combination of this spinning (at 4000 spins a minute), collecting motion and the strong suction means that floors are cleaned in no time. We also felt performance on carpets and rugs was also sufficient to keep a more cumbersome, powerful vacuum in the cupboard.

“Grab & Go” Flexibility

The beauty of this device is that all surfaces are covered. For carpets, the brush bar picks up dirt from between the carpet fibres. When it comes to hard floors the motorised brush isn’t needed and the suction can do the work. You really can rely on this device to do almost any room in the house. Plus, if you perhaps aren’t able to carry around heavy devices, you will be happy to know the VAX is a mere 3KG – super light and practical!

If you remove the brush head, then you are left with the wand element of the product and this is ideal for any hard to reach areas, such as down the side of units or up high. This is also enhanced by the crevice tool and dusting brush, each of which are free and can both be fitted to the wand with ease.

When it comes to emptying, simply hover the handheld unit over the device and press to release dirt. It’s as easy as that. Filters within the device need cleaning every 5 uses in our tests and VAX recommend they are replaced every 3 months.

Where to buy?

Buy the VAX Blade 32V Cordless Vacuum from and other retailers priced RRP £219.992 including free delivery and 2-year guarantee. Each VAX Blade 32V Cordless Vacuum comes with 2-in-1 dusting brush and crevice tool, charger, user guide and wall mount.

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