The greenest road worthy quad bike on the market!

If you have a love for the environment combined with the feel of 4KW between your legs then you can`t go far wrong with the Verteci iWorK Commercial Road Legal Electric Quad.


Weighing in at 387kg, it tops an adrenalin pumping 40Km/h, and is in fact no different to its petrol cousins – apart from it is far kinder to the environment and doesn’t scare the sheep half as much. Not a single fume comes out of it, and with a range of around 50km this is surely every farmer’s dream machine.

To give you some idea of the running costs, 1KwH (Kilowatt Hour) of electricity costs around 10p. So were the iWorK to be ridden hard for a solid hour then it would cost around 50p in electricity! (allowing for any charging inefficiencies) Quite a saving over a petrol vehicle!

Costing around £7000 ($14,000 US) it is in fact around the same sort of cost than it’s petrol cousins, and in terms of running costs, let`s estimate a £5 per day saving that`s £1250 / year in petrol alone. Combined with the fact that you are also saving the planet, this is a fantastic purchase!

Of course there are many other advantages:

• Its quite, not just quiet in fact its is silent!
• Its safer – better driver awareness, few hot parts, no petrol, no chain.
• Low maintenance – no filters, no plugs, no points.
• Its environmentally friendly – quite, no emissions and if charged with `green` electricity completely zero emission!
• And there is no need to stop at the petrol station!
• Power without noise is exhilarating.


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