London – “The Billionaires Honey Pot”

According to the newly compiled Sunday Times Rich List London now finds itself hosting at least 20 foreign born billionaires.

The Sunday Times Rich List 2006 calculates that the following individuals top London’s richest:

1. Lakshmi Mittal £14.88 bn

2. Roman Abramovich £10.8 bn

3. Hans Rausing £4.95 bn

4. Leonard Blavatnik £4.67 bn

5. Sri and Gopi Hinduja £3.6 bn

6. David and Simon Reuben £3.25 bn

7. Sir Richard Branson £3.065 bn

8. John Fredriksen £2.86 bn

9. Charlene & Michel de Carvalho £2.6 bn

10. Jorn Rausing £2.49 bn

According to the London Evening Standard Philip Beresford, compiler of the list, is quoted as saying “Indian, Russian, Scandinavian and Icelandic multi millionaires have usually made a beeline for London. They are attracted by London’s reputation as the world’s most dynamic city, the huge pool of expensive properties, the relatively high level of personal security, and the quality of education for their children.

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