Educogym – Proven Weight Loss Workout Routine

We can now look to Harley Street for the ultimate weight loss / fitness regime. We can now be sure that this body re-sculpting works…fancy losing a stone in a month?

Let me introduce you to Educogym, a high-intensity system that promises to revamp your body in just 12 x 15 minute, managed sessions.


The intense one-to-one attention makes Educogym almost like having your own personal trainer. Happy clients report dropping a dress size in two weeks and losing a stone of fat in a month. Workout routines for women at the gym have never been more effective.

The Educogym system has developed a new form of exercise machine that outdates anything before it! The unique, specially designed machine allows an extremely effective routine in only 15 minutes.

The key to this rapid workout is speed and intensity. It has been proven that short, high output bursts of exercise are more effective than a longer, more sustained exercise.


Right here is where you start paying, in sweat.
(sorry, quote from `Fame` the film, not sure where that came from)

But this is the point. Do you go to the gym to look good, to look nice? Ok, some do. But forget about the poseurs. If you want a serious weight loss program, a body sculpting schedule and do not mind putting in the effort, Educogym is for you.

Intensity (speed x weight lifted) means that the whole muscle is being challenged – activating the fat burning hormone, dramatically transforming body shape and stimulating fat loss.

Educogym will also train the body to think young again – to react as a youthful body would and to avoid dreaded middle age spread!

For all who want to lose unsightly fat and shape up, the Educogym system includes a bespoke nutritional plan to accompany the training. Educogym nutrition is designed to balance the body, causing fat loss while eliminating cravings and nourishing the body.

* Educogym – 48 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PU
* Prices – full 12 day package: £495 or from £235 a month for membership
* Includes unlimited supervised training sessions, nutritional consultations, weigh/measures and consistent monitoring of progress
* For appointments call – 0207 637 5855

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