Kicker Hideaway Subwoofer review

We recently had the opportunity to review Kicker’s award-winning Hideaway pre-amped subwoofer, which is designed to provide plug and play electrifying bass from the tightest of spaces. The Hideaway is essentially an 8 inch, 150 watt sub measuring just 14 inches long and just three inches high.

Kicker is brand well renowned for its cutting edge car audio, and its bass products in particular. Kicker’s range incorporates subwoofers, amplifiers and speakers, from the very affordable right through to the best in class, premium products.

The Kicker Hideaway is designed for concealment and is likely to fit under most car seats. In our case we added it to a VW T5.1 luxury campervan, which was in desperate need of some bass! The Hideaway didn’t quite fit under the drivers seat, which is already filled with the diesel heater. Therefore, thanks to the handy Velcro straps that come with the sub, we managed to squeeze it into the space just behind the drivers seat, flush to the cabinet as can be seen. Due to the deep bass it kicks out, we had to add a little additional sound dampening to the cooker lid to stop it vibrating so hard, but this was definitely the place to add it!

The Hideaway comes with a bass control, which we added to the front dash as can be seen. This makes it super handy to add or reduce bass dependent upon the track and your mood of course!

In terms of sound, this little box of fun is quite incredible. It has made a massive difference to the sounds travelling around the van, adding a depth that a straightforward speaker system simply couldn’t deliver. If you want to do away with unsightly and space hogging bass boxes, then this is the answer, and the future!

It is quite easy to see why the Hideaway is the ‘best in its class’, and whilst at £299.99 it’s the upper end of the market, the beats will impress.

Check out the Kicker UK audio site right here.

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