Jabra Stone bluetooth headset review

At first glance the Jabra STONE is simply an elegant gizmo. Upon closer inspection you can see that this is simply the most cutting edge Bluetooth device around, no buttons, no complicated instructions…. A simple, straightforward 1 – 4 step instruction to get you started and a quick start manual for those of you who prefer pictures to words, just like Hello Magazine!!


Upon opening up the Jabra STONE I managed to connect to my iPhone without any fuss or bother and within a minute I was listening to the dulcet tones of Robbie Williams (albeit only in one ear).

The Jabra earpiece is to the iPhone, as the Aston Martin is to James Bond, perfectly matched and smooth. It seems to work with such ease and the STONE part is easily disconnected to give you a discreet power pack when you are out and about. This could be an ideal stocking filler for executives and dog walkers alike! I fit into the dog walker category…..

Jabra say:

“With a shape like no other headset on the market, the Jabra STONE elegantly wraps behind the ear eliminating the standard on-face microphone and combining both style and functionality. The Jabra STONE comes with a sleek wireless portable charger that also functions as a compact carrying case that fits into the palm of your hand – simply plug your headset into the charger and power-up whenever and wherever you want to.”

Features include:

• Discreetly placed controls that are easy to operate. With a nearly invisible touch-controlled volume pad on the outside of the headset.

• The headset`s flexible frame is lined with soft rubber padding for optimal comfort.

• An ultra-soft ear gel around the speaker ensures a natural feel and the headset is flexible for a perfect fit.

• Equipped with Noise Blackout&#trade; Extreme technology, an innovative new generation of noise cancelling technology that reduces ambient sound without compromising voice quality.

• Portable Jabra STONE Charger enables charging on the go and serves as a holder and charger in down time

• Up to 8 hours talk time and 12 days standby time with the Jabra STONE Charger

• Lightweight – weighs only 7g

• Dimensions for headset in charger – H 58 x W 50.7 x D24.7mm

• Charging plug: USB Micro-B, 5-pin

Retails for £99 ($160 approx)

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