Islamic Art UK With Ahmed Moustafa and the Mathaf Gallery

Dr. Ahmed Moustafa is an Egyptian artist and Scholar of international repute, and a leading authority of Arabic art and design.

The simple yet complex design of the `flip top` cube in `The Attributes of Divine Perfection` is very clever, the piece looks amazing. Available from the Mathaf Gallery, a special edition of 7 iris prints. Signed & dated, £4,000 + VAT


`The Attributes of Divine Perfection`

It is exactly 32 years since Dr. Ahmed Moustafa held his first exhibition at the Mathaf Gallery in London. Islamic Art UK should be proud of this master artist.

Exhibitions of his versatile output, encompassing paintings, tapestries, silk-screen prints, and stained glass, have been held in numerous major locations worldwide.

His work is held in many private collections and prestigious institutions, including national museums in Britain and Egypt and other public venues of international importance around the world.

The intensity and blurred clarity (that`s a new one) of `Frolicking Horses` makes this silkscreen a stand out piece. Again from Mathaf Gallery, No.45 from a limited edition of 200 silkscreen prints. Signed & dated £5,500 + VAT.


`Frolicking Horses`

The work of Ahmed Moustafa is almost exclusively devoted to abstract compositions inspired by texts from the Qu`ran, although pictorial European painting technique is visible in much of his work.

Possibly now more than ever, Ahmed Moustafa is a much needed link between Islamic and European cultures. His strong Islamic belief enables him to create images of the most intense complexity yet which can have an aesthetic and spiritual appeal to those with little understanding of their linguistic meaning.

“Western art deals with the casual, rather than what I call the immutable essence. As Michelangelo said, `Good painting is nothing but a copy of the Perfection of God`.”


The Mathaf Gallery is located at 24 Motcomb Street, London SW1X 8JU.


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