Illuminate Your Home With Super-Smart Lighting From LIFX

LIFX are right at the top of the tech tree when it comes to in-home lighting. They have cultivated a reputation for trustworthy, premium smart-lighting and we can see why – we are huge fans! Their latest range of devices come with some expected features, such as colour customisation, they work without a central control hub and they are fully geared for voice control. However, there are also some features that may just take you by surprise!

LIFX Clean Bulb (£69.99)

What would you say if your smart-bulb could do more than just light your room? What happens if it was packed with bacteria eliminating technology which wiped out a range of nasties? Well, LIFX just does that.

Simply plug your bulb in, sync it up and schedule your Clean Cycle. This cycle, which is now a part of our daily routine, automatically begins the bulbs unique cleaning process. HEV light is emitted to attack the likes of S. aureus and E. coli, eradicating up to 90% through a cleaning cycle. Pop it in an office, for example, to disinfect mobiles, keyboards and desktops. Or pop it in nursery rooms or spaces for little ones, giving them a clean environment.

How does it work?

LIFX Clean uses high-energy visible (HEV) wavelengths to disinfect your home, meaning it’s UV-free. Why? Because even though UV lighting is effective for disinfection, it’s not safe for you or your household. UV wavelengths are dangerous to human eyes and skin, it can seriously harm your pets and plants, and can even cause the paintings on your walls to fade. On the smarter side of things, HEV is both germicidal and safe for use in the presence of people, pets, plants and paintings.

For us, this is a game-changing piece of technology that goes way beyond lighting, the ability to clean and disinfect protects your home from a range of bacteria, giving you piece of mind. Now we are all set to unshackle ourselves from the burden of Covid, we’ll be bringing a range of new nasties that have been missing from our home from sometime, so LIFX Clean works perfectly to match our new, more adventurous, post-Covid lifestyles.

LIFX Nightvision (£59.99)

The innovation at LIFX doesn’t stop there! LIFX Nightvision is another technical move forward and a very handy upgrade for those who are home security conscious.

If you have a home camera and you are struggling with night-time shots, Nightvision has a trick up it’s sleeve. Nightvision emits Infrared, completely invisible to the naked eye, this provides your night-time camera with an illuminating effect.  The result is a big boost to what you can see in the dark with your existing home camera.

Say goodbye to a lack of clarity and fuzzy images in lowlight.

This bulb fills up most medium to small sized rooms, providing a 360 boost to your space. Super handy for boosting your security monitoring and taking cheaper home cameras to the next level.

We have tried this with a Nest Camera and the improvement is noticeable, with more definition, more accurate contrast and an overall richer picture. Would recommend!

LIFX Lightstrip (£65.99)

LIFX have mastered the Lightstrip! Their Polychrome Technology (TM) allows you to paint and customise 8 different colour zones which you can animate through exclusive LIFX app effects. You have full control over customisation

Key to your LIFX Lightstrip experience is the starter kit. The kit comes complete with a 1 metre or 2 metre Polychrome Technology Lightstrip, controller unit, power supply and plug. This set-up allows you to get started right out of the box and to upgrade your set-up with additional 1m long Lightstrip add-ons purchasable from the online store.

If you are a fan of backlit TV experiences, then the 1m Lightstrip is ideal for application to the back of most large TVs (46” and above), thanks to a super sleek design and cabling allowing for it to be fed into the best stowaway position. LIFX have also teamed up with Razer Chroma gear, giving you light experiences that react to in-game events – expanding the experience and delivering deeper immersion when you connect to Razer Chroma.

Touch-free technology as standard

Each product is also designed to work in tandem with your voice activated technology. Whether you use Alexa, Google or Apple’s home technology, LIFX has you covered from all angles. In our testing the software was faultless, voice activation simple and voice controls intuitive. Simply shout “Alexa, dim the living room lights” and lighting will lower without the touch of a button. Some offerings on the market claim voice controlled technology but fewer do it as well and consistently as LIFX.

Introducing App 4 – LIFX

Slick App and Installation (big thumbs up from us!)

Pulling together all of this technology is the LIFX app. To kick off with, set-up is a doddle and can completed in minutes. Once downloaded, simply click the + button and then select new bulb or switch. Turn on the light (as you would do with a normal light) and the app will then scan for your bulb. Bingo – once found, you are off!

Downloadable across iOS and Android, the app is a treasure trove of features and fun. If you want a relaxing and romantic mood for dinner, simply sync your devices to a “scene”, where you can customise each device for a uniform and super effective light set-up. Or you can always hit one of the pre-set light effects to apply to an individual light or a group. For example, if you are looking to set the lights to give a spooky mood for Halloween or settling in for a scary movie? Simply hit the “spooky” effect and your LIFX products will give a eerie glow. Within the app you can also gain granular control over light colours, warmth and also brightness. To summarise, the app packs all of the features you could think of, allowing for a vast range of custom scenes and moods to match any occasion. Superb!

Conclusion: LIFX are a must-try for those seeking the ultimate home smart-lighting solution

All in all LIFX have some of the best and smartest smart-home lighting rigs in the business. But most importantly, they are infallible from our experience, the maintain full connectivity and never drop out. If you have tried cheaper smart lighting then you will know that connectivity can sometimes be an issue but not with LIFX. Find out more about LIFX and their impressive range here.

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