Finest cotton yarn in the world

As an observer of the finer things in life, I have often wondered what it is that differentiates the quality of Egyptian Cotton from contemporaries. Well, according to premium yarn producer Luxton it’s all to do with the Egyptian climate, soil and farming methods.

In particular, the Nile Delta provides a unique microclimate that enables premium production of hand harvested cotton, suitably ripened and selected from a limited yearly output.


As a quality yarn producer, Luxton spins the Egyptian cotton into a premium luxury yarn categorised as vintage. Luxton say:

“This is the Luxton `Maiestas Reserve` brand and vintages are set aside for purchase by only the most prestigious manufacturers and designers. This year Luxton is only offering the top bales of Reserve 2005 vintage for sale. Just like a great vintage denotes the provenance and taste of a fine champagne, so the Luxton Maiestas Reserve label denotes its quality, strength and silken properties.”

Manufacturers of fine fabrics such as Atelier Romentino and Grandi & Rubinelli use Luxton cotton yarn to produce shirt fabrics for some of the world`s most prestigious brands and their customers, who include royalty, movie stars, captains of industry and sportsmen.


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