New luxury scented candles from Bake Boutique

A candle may not be perceived as a luxury item and is poles apart from the £6,000,000 iPhone we mentioned last week.

But forget price being the definition of luxury – it`s all about having the best of something – and in this case, I`m looking at candles.

Bake Boutique are a new concept in British-made luxury scented candles, which has just launched.


Its first collection is inspired by the scents of the kitchen – the heart and soul of every home. Bake Boutique has taken this concept and given it a quirky, modern twist by creating chic, yet fun, candles to bring the most scrumptious and enticing smells of the bakery into the home.

All Bake Boutique products are 100% made in England, including the packaging. Each luxury scented candles is hand-poured, with and only uses the purest soy wax, blending in the finest fragrance oils from around the world, with a lead-free cotton wick.

This ensures a long, clean, non-toxic burn. 45 hours to be precise.

The first edition comprises 5 different aromas, based on much loved baking classics, which really will scent the home. Scents include Almond coffee cake, Honeycomb Chocolate brownie, Cinnamon Gingerbread Man, Red Velvet Slice and Vanilla cupcake.

Bake Boutique`s luxury scented candles are available now and cost £32 each.

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