Hayman’s has been a purveyor of fine gins Since 1863 and big style change is on the horizon! This charming distiller of gins has spanned five fantastic  generations of the Hayman’s family and there is a real tie to the history of the brand. Plus, they simply love British gin and they are proud to be making it. According to the brand, they aim to be “custodians of the True English Gin style”, so this new look and modernisation to packaging is quite a big leap. But fear not, Hayman’s haven’t changed their sublime gin making methods, just the look.

The new look has been lovingly and careful deployed across the signature London Dry Gin, the super Old Tom and Sloe Gins. Utilising a modern colour palate and classic English typography, there is something rather timeless about the new look. Neither new, nor old, it’s an enticing combination of the two. The artwork on each bottle has also been custom illustrated by a woodcut artist, in order to represent the brand’s handmade approach to their gins. Charming, modern and elegant, we like it!

Speaking of the new look, James Hayman comments:

‘It was important that the new look reflected our heritage and traditional distilling approach whilst also looking to the future with a more contemporary palate that catches the eye. Our family have been distilling True English Gin for over 150 years – there is a great deal of history there which we are proud of but we also see a big future for the style. We’re delighted to see the new packaging reflect that.’

To find out more about their gins, the new look or their distillery tours, please visit www.haymansgin.com

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