The world`s first production line `100% Organic Bedroom` for £1,500

Sleep expert We Love Sleep is the first UK retailer to jump into the eco bed properly with their 100% Organic Bedroom! image “What the hell is that” I hear you say – well it consists of a traditionally made organic divan mattress, organic silk bedding and an air-purifying night light which cleans the air whilst you sleep. Believe it or not, most mattresses today are covered in all manner of nasty chemicals which you no doubt breath in 8 hours every night and which lead to asthma, rashes and all manner of other nastys – I personally think we are looking into the future of bedding! The set retails at around £1,500.
More details: &#bullet; Organic divan base pocket sprung mattress – created using traditional farming techniques that shun fertilisers, chemicals and herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. Perfect for those who wish to either reduce the contamination of their homes by chemicals or for those who are sensitive or allergic to chemicals, for example ME or asthma sufferers. &#bullet; Seven piece silk set – the only 100% Hypoallergenic silk bedding available in the EU is made up of 2 pillows, 2 pillowcases, a duvet, a duvet cover and a fitted under sheet. The organic fibres are cool in summer, warm in winter and breathable, allowing moisture to escape. All in all a 100% hypo-allergenic sleep surface (which is also less likely to cause overnight wrinkles of the skin!) &#bullet; Air purifying night light – The Plug In Night Light has two ionisers, cleaning the air to create a more natural and restful environment. The plug in enhances sleep quality, improve alertness, concentration, reaction time, mood, skin condition and your sense of well being.

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