Glo Glo: East London`s Hidden Gem

Hidden in the heart of `too cool for school` Shoreditch is the latest in late night lounges.


Glo Glo is a relatively new cocktail bar that`s been quietly earning respect on the after hours circuit since it opened late last year. Founded by the enormously successful and ever so chic Rix restaurants, it sits smack bang next door to their very popular and highly regarded East London Dining Rooms. In fact, Glo Glo is the place to go when in need of that perfect martini and beautiful sushi accompaniment.

Hosting a mixed crowd of city suits and Hoxton trendies, it`s prepared for any request. The bar staff are accomplished mixologists adept at rustling up an old time favourite or surprising you with some new and edgy. Add in a a slick eastern influenced interior and the evocative smells of Tokyo street food wafting up from their underground kitchen -and you`ve got a pretty perfect place take a date or catch up with friends.


For those of you wanting to know how to mix cocktails with a Spring diet, they have very kindly given us some low calorie options, now there is no excuse – get mixing:

The Hemmingway Daiquiri:
(being diabetic, Hemmingway drank his cocktails with no sugar at all. This dry cocktail is perfect for those with a drier palette.)

40ml Havana 3yr old
20ml lime juice
20ml Luxardo maraschino liqueur
20ml pink grapefruit juice

shaken hard until very cold


As the Cosmopolitan is made with no sugar and minimal liqueur, you’ll be glad to know it’s practically a health drink. For a delicious variation you could try it with a fruit Eau de Vie such as a dry kirsch.

40ml Ketel One citron (or try with a fruit eau de vie)
20ml freshly squeezed lime juice
20ml Cointreau
20ml Cranberry juice
Garnish with a flamed orange zest by pinching a thumb sized piece of orange skin to squirt the oils in the skin through a flame and onto the surface of the cocktail. They will ignite and give the drink a wonderful burnt orange scent.

For more information about Glo Glo, click here.

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