Frank Sveid`s most expensive corkscrew.

Knowing fine wine is an art, but apparently so is opening it. A Belgian dude called Frank Sveid has just designed and created what is the most expensive corkscrew on the planet at £36,000 – That equates to 3,600 bottles of good quality plonk!

I guess for the wine connoisseur who owns every gadget under the sun then this may be worth taking a mortgage out for!


The item itself works just like a normal corkscrew (it opens a bottle) but the difference lies in the build and quality as you`d expect. It`s handcrafted t order and made out of titanium and gold and constructed of 52 pieces of aviation titanium, including a lead cap cutter and the actual screw, and comes in its own cigar-like presentation box.

The lever is made out of 18-carat gold or platinum on request.


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