Banksy`s £1,000,000 Portobello Road masterpiece

The owner of the building with this work of art from Banksy on is clearly rubbing his hands together, and fair enough! image This piece of Banksy art is currently up on Ebay for a buy it now price of £1,000,000 although the bid is only currently at £3,500 (day 1). It`s said Banksy actually knocked on the owners door and asked whether he could graffiti the wall before he did it – what a jolly nice fellow I hear you say. The lucky owner (Luti) of the building claims to have spent over £1,000 protecting the work of art to date and is clearly hungry for some hard cash. It`s protected with per-specs glass safe from vandals. The price doesn`t include carefully removing the section of the wall which is currently on the Portobello Roadin London. Estimations for removal are around £5,000 on its own. Fancy a bid? here.
From the website (Ebay): Many people ask how he did the painting. So here is the story… One might guess that he would come in the middle of the night but instead he got some people to put up a massive scaffolding in on a Sunday morning with Portobello market at full swing. It was so busy no-one noticed a massive scaffolding covered in cloth like a tent being erected. Even someone from my office saw it and thought nothing of it. The neighbours next door twigged something was a bit weird and asked them who told them to put up a scafolding they were fobbed off by a fake name “hugo” by Banksy’s scaffolding makers. They left it and Banksy got to work. A few hours later the scaffolding went down. And there it was. To view the artwork go to 274D Portobello Road W10 5TE, Next door to the Falafel King.

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