Unleash Spring With Indulgent Home Fragrances From Noble Isle

Spring brings with it a cornucopia of opportunities for your home. Bristling with vibrancy, the season often evokes a need to liven up those spaces after long winters, to bring that natural freshness indoors and to inject a little life into those homely settings. Noble Isle, a brand very much rooted in celebrating natural produce throughout Britain, offers a range of luxurious and sumptuous home-fragrances, candles, diffusers and many more delights to give your home that aromatic sense of season.

Rhubarb Rhubarb! Single Wick Candle (£40)

At the heart of the Noble Isle range is a series of luxurious single wick candles, created right here in the UK (in West Sussex, to be precise), using only the finest ingredients. As you’d guess from the name Rhubarb Rhubarb! is an ode to this beautifully British product.

One of the keys to the fragrance is the rhubarb itself. In this case, this dazzlingly pink product, heralds from the epicentre of UK rhubarb growing, the Yorkshire Triangle. Sourced from E Oldroyd & Sons, a sixth-generation rhubarb farm in the Yorkshire Triangle, you can be sure this is the very finest in rhubarb you’d expect to find anywhere.

The longest running product in the range, in fact the very first thing they launched, this stunning fragrance is bursting with seasonal freshness. Expect a gentle release of bittersweet Rhubarb, Juniper Berry and muddled Rosemary. A joyous combination, super crisp and one of a kind.

Hand crafted here in the UK, they have an estimated burning time of 35-45 hours, giving you many a relaxing Spring day experiencing this entrancing fragrance. These superb candles are made with a mineral blend wax containing natural and paraffin waxes and lead-free wicks, all ensuring no nasties too.

Rhubarb Rhubarb! Scented Reed Diffuser (£49)

One of our favourite parts of the entire Noble Isle collection is there Scented Reed Diffusers. Lovingly hand made with silk reeds and married with one of the Noble Isle signature fragrances, this blend offers 16-20 weeks of gentle fragrance and slowly permeates every corner of the room.

Once again, with the Rhubarb Rhubarb reed diffuser expect bitter rhubarb, rosemary, moss and cedarwood base notes. However, for us the gentle release of the reed diffuser gives a subtler and less powerful addition to your home. Ideal for those relaxing spaces, simple place your stylish and chic diffuser to begin unlocking the fragrance. We’d highly recommend that if you like a Noble Isle fragrance, plump for the candle and reed diffuser, as they evoke different experiences of the same fragrance.

Summer Rising Luxury Bath and Shower Gel (£22)

This luxurious Bath and Shower Gel acts as a dual package with superb effect! Imagine the combination of a stunning fragrance and a luxuriously foaming wash, and you’ve hit the nail on the head!

Summer Rising is a fragrance born out of freshly cut grass aromas, bursting citrus and a sense of the idyllic British summer morning.  Beautiful gooseberry combines with refreshing orange blossom notes for a really lavish sensual experience.

Multipurpose, the Bath & Shower Gels can be used in the shower for a quick, richly-scented cleansing experience and in the bath for longer and more luxurious cleansing rituals. It’s also Vegan, paraben-free, SLS-free, gluten-free and cruelty-free

For us, the emphatic fragrance profile is everything you’d expect and desire from a scent looking to evoke Summer mornings. If you are reading this in Spring we recommend grabbing a bottle and transporting yourself to those bright, fresh, Summer mornings. Noble Isle has at the heart of its ethos the desire to represent a sense of time and place through fragrance, something which is done with aplomb with their Summer Rising and Rhubarb Rhubarb! collection.

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