E-Fuel Microfueler Saviour For Luxury Gas Guzzlers

Although, $120 a barrel oil isn’t going to affect your local billionaire – it’s most certainly going to affect luxury car propulsion and design for years to come. Will it be hydrogen fuel cell technology, electric, bio fuels or some undiscovered technology that will herald in a new era in clean and affordable motoring?

Well, Floyd S. Butterfield and Thomas J. Quinn seem to be pinning their hopes on the E-fuel 100 Microfueler. This contraption, it is claimed, can distill high grade ethanol from sugar and yeast that is pure enough to fill a gas tank. Given that they predict the E-Fuel Microfueler can generate ethanol at $1 per gallon, this could spell the start of a boom in home brewing!!

The premise of the Microfueler is that a high grade filtration membrane system promotes ethanol distillation at much lower temperatures than normal. Although, sugar is said to be the preferred raw material, Floyd S Butterfield and Thomas J. Quinn are looking at other cheaper raw materials.

Before you you start throwing generous amounts of cold water on this idea, it’s worth pointing out that Mr Quinn is the bright spark who patented the Wii’s motion sensor technology.

Nonetheless there are some hurdles to be overcome:

1. The microfueler has be cheap to manufacture. The current model costs $10,000.

2. Rising costs of sugar could ground the idea before it hits the runway. Sustainable alternatives are a must.

3. The United States does not permit vehicles to run on pure ethanol.

If these hurdles can be overcome, then it maybe that the microfueler might just give the luxury gas guzzler a new lease of life. We’ll see…….

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